Is Tioga Pass Open?

Yes! See the official Yosemite website, which says it's open.

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Tell Me More

Hi, I'm Chase. The initial reason for building this was for biking. Tioga Pass is typically open to cyclists only for one or two days every year. Yosemite gives notice when this is happening only a few days before prior, so if you want to ensure that you get the opportunity to ride it, you either need to check the website frequently, or simply subscribe to updates from here. Here’s a one-way Strava segment (58 miles, 6k elevation gain). Of course, you might find this helpful for other reasons.

Can I trust this information?

I scrape the two official Yosemite websites (plowing page, conditions page) a few times a day. Whenever there are changes, I run some analysis through ChatGPT to determine if the road is open or not. The code is on Github. I track the history of the plowing page updates if you’re curious. Any changes that are not reflected on that Yosemite website will not show up here either.

Tioga Pass?

Tioga Pass is a gorgeous road that cuts through Yosemite, bridging the eastern and western Sierras. It also provides access to many incredible hikes. It’s closed about half of the year due to snow.